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Metal925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight4.60 gPrimary Stone CutRound CutPrimary Stone Carat2.5 ctSidestone Total Carat1.6 ctStoneTypeSapphireStone ColorYellowStoneNatureLab-CreatedDesign inspiration:Reflect all the love you hold in your heart with this sparkling vintage-inspired diamond engagement rin..
$38.04 $66.49
Ex Tax:$38.04
Metal925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight2.8gPrimary Stone CutRoundPrimary Stone Carat2.5 ctStone TypeSapphireStone NatureLab-Grown..
$41.13 $61.57
Ex Tax:$41.13
Metal925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight2.9gPrimary Stone CutRoundPrimary Stone Carat2.5 ctSidestone Total Carat0.2 ctStone TypeSapphireStone NatureLab-Grown..
$39.45 $76.99
Ex Tax:$39.45
Metal925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight3.86gPrimary Stone CutOvalCutPrimary Stone Carat2.25ctSidestone Total Carat1.2 ctStone ColorBlueStone TypeLab-createdSapphireDesign inspiration:Elegant and glamorous, this stunning blue topaz and diamond ring blooms with color and shimmer. Fashioned of 10K white..
$38.04 $69.85
Ex Tax:$38.04
frameborder='0' allowfullscreenProduct DescriptionsYou'll adore this pair of sparkling blue sapphire earrings for any special occasion - or for no occasion at all.Each earring features a shimmering oval shapecenter stone wrap in a halo pear shape and marquise cutstones. Exquisite and unique, this ro..
$46.92 $58.54
Ex Tax:$46.92
The perfect ring for fans of the oval cut ring. This luxurious ring consists of 16 half halo oval cut lab created white sapphire, which shows incomparable sparkle from every angle. Just take thisperfect ring,it won't disappoint you!DETAILSMetal: 925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight: 6.80 gPrimary Stone..
$46.34 $125.05
Ex Tax:$46.34
Metal925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight4.20 gPrimary Stone CutRound CutPrimary Stone Carat3.5 ctSidestone Total Carat3.5ctStoneTypeSapphireStone ColorWhiteStoneNatureLab-CreatedDesign inspiration:A brilliant expression of love, these shimmering diamond stud earrings are certain to delight. Crafted in..
$38.34 $62.02
Ex Tax:$38.34
DESCRIPTION:This shinning 4.5 ct emerald cut Lab-created diamond engagement ring will take your breath at first sight. The primary stone sparkles crazily on your finger. It will show a perfect look with the delicate mount. No lady can fight the charm of the masterpiece. Never miss it!!Our priority i..
$46.59 $100.29
Ex Tax:$46.59
DESCRIPTION:This engagement ring showcases a classic and unique look with its design. The center pear shape yellow stones with paved diamond on the band make it sparkle perfectly from every angle.Treat yourself with this masterpiece and enjoy the brilliance.Our priority is to ensure our customers ar..
$38.34 $105.26
Ex Tax:$38.34
OverviewJEWELRY INFORMATION:Handmade itemMetal: 925 Sterling SilverFinish: PolishedENGAGEMENT RING INFORMATION:Gemstone:Lab Created SapphireStone Cut:Round CutCenter Stone Carat Weight Approximately5 caratDescriptionThe gorgeous ring set is for the woman whois modern, chicand timeless.Our priority i..
$38.34 $108.45
Ex Tax:$38.34
Metal925 Sterling SilverJewelry Weight6.40 gPrimary Stone CutRound CutPrimary Stone Carat5.10 ctSidestone Total Carat1.62 ctStoneTypeSapphireStone ColorOlive Green & Champagne GoldStoneNatureLab-CreatedDesign inspiration:Feminine and fanciful, these diamond leaf drop earrings are an elegant choice. ..
$41.43 $103.47
Ex Tax:$41.43
frameborder='0' allowfullscreenDESCRIPTIONThis amazing engagement ring will take your breath at first sight. The center stone sparkles crazily and the paved diamonds add spark to it. It will show a perfect look with the delicate mount. No lady can fight the charm of the masterpiece. Never miss it!!!..
$46.59 $105.26
Ex Tax:$46.59
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